Race Against Time: Uganda Government Sets Deadline for Kabale-Kisoro Road Repair

The government of Uganda has announced a deadline for the completion of repairs on the damaged section of the Kabale-Kisoro road at Hamurwa, Rubanda district. During a field visit over the weekend, Hon. Musa Ecweru, the State Minister for Works, declared that the road would be completed on February 16, 2024, with that date set for the official handover.

“This road connects Uganda to the region, to the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Rwanda. There has been talk that the government isn’t concerned. This is exactly what brought me here. I wanted to know what happened and how far the repairing efforts have gone. I can confirm that by February 16th of next year, I should be here or Gen Katumba to launch the refurbished road. It should be properly done never to break down again. I’m happy to see the good works happening so far,” Minister Ecweru stated.

Henry Musasizi, the State Minister for Finance and also the Member of Parliament for Rubanda East County, mentioned that he invited his colleague Musa Ecweru to monitor the progress of the works and to instill confidence in the people of Rubanda regarding the completion of the road. He also noted that the Finance Ministry, which he heads, released all the necessary funds to ensure the full repair of the road.

Abenabo Alison Twine, the station manager of the Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA), revealed to our reporter that the required resources and manpower have been mobilized to handle the work and complete it by February 16.

Stephen Kasyaba, the LC Chairman for Rubanda District, expressed relief, knowing that the minister had confirmed the road would be completed sooner. He noted that the public’s outcry would be no more. “I’m happy that the minister and the engineer have declared that the road will be done soon. Let’s wait for the promised date and hope for the best,” Kasyaba remarked.

On May 4, 2023, heavy mudslides damaged the road, paralyzing transport in the area and causing disruptions to usual transportation, inconveniencing the local community and impacting their daily lives and economic activities.

Greystone Investment Limited was contracted by the government to repair the damaged part of the road.