RDC/RCCs Asked to Draw in Proprietors of Public Places to Fight Crime

The Minister for Presidency, Hon.Babirye Milly Babalanda has directed the Resident District/City Commissioners (RDCs/RCCs) to engage with owners of public places to forge a way forward on how to deal with criminality in and around their areas of operation.

“As members of the District and City Security Committees which are headed by the RDCs/RCCs, you engage with owners of hotels, bars, restaurants, and lodges and public service transporters to give them tips of detecting, preventing, and fighting criminality within and around their business locations. The lodge owners should insist on clearly identifying their clients using registers, and the religious leaders such as pastors and imams should station security points at every entrance of their places of worship to spot the criminals,” Hon.Babalanda informed the RDCs/RCCs.

The Minister made the call today during the Quarterly Zoom Meeting for RDCs/RCCs and Deputies -For the 1st Quarter FY 2023/2024 held at the Office of the President in Kampala.

This is in light of President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s recent directive on heightening security in public places such as places of worship, bars, and restaurants as well as public transport to deal with some elements of insecurity like terrorism.

Hon Babalanda also noted that the LC 1 Chairpersons should also be brought on board by requiring them to maintain registers of their residents.

According to the Minister, they should insist on recording the NIN numbers of each family head and the landlords, their physical contacts, and telephone numbers.

“The LC1s should use community radios to as much as possible pass out the security messages to the people.”

Additionally, the Minister commended the Commissioners for the efforts they have put into the implementation of the Parish Development Program.

“There is evidence of good sensitization about the program and the people are now accessing the funds even if there are still challenges with the program management system at the national level. I trust that the government will be able to explain this shortcoming. Otherwise, as the presidency, we are happy that the program is now finally working to our expectations and on account of your increased vigilance. You are doing your part well,” she said.

Hon. Babalanda further urged the RDCs/RCCs to support the leadership of the Uganda National Chamber of Commerce and Industry in organizing their nationwide elections.

“I invite you to support the team and not to take these elections for granted. There is a chance that wrong elements may explore the loopholes and penetrate this government agency to destabilize their objectives,” she cautioned.

The Minister for Security, Maj Gen (Rtd). Jim Muhwezi revealed that the security situation in Uganda is calm and thanked President Yoweri Museveni for his unwavering efforts in ensuring that the country is stable and peaceful.

He also appreciated the Police, Prison, and all other security agencies for the job well done in curbing crime in the country.

“The country is calm, however, we continue to have security threats mainly in districts like Kasese and Ntoroko, orchestrated by the ADF. We also face some threats from Karamoja over illegal guns,” Gen. Muhwezi said.

“Vandalism of government infrastructure like water, roads, electricity, and railway is on the rise as well as armed robbery involving some security personnel who attack motorists, especially on Kampala Northern Bypass.”

The Minister also expressed concern over opposition members who incite the public through sectarianism/tribal talk.

He further promised to visit regions across the country to address the security issues.

SCP Asaba Charles who represented the Director of Crime Intelligence Directorate (CID), told the audience that the Uganda Police Force is working towards meeting the public expectations by reducing crime in the country through its various departments.

“We want to ensure that there’s basic capacity at the sub-county level to deal with crime in the country,” SCP Asaba noted.

He thanked the RDCs for working with the force when it comes to community policing.

“It empowers the community to identify criminal activities and helps us to fight crime. We are also working hard to enhance investigations by increasing the deployment of CID officers,” he added.

“The RDCs and deputies have always been very crucial in supporting us in fighting crime and land-related issues.”

Ms. Olive Kigongo, the president of Uganda National Chamber of Commerce and Industry thanked the NRM government and President Museveni for ushering peace and prosperity in Uganda which is being enjoyed by the citizens.

“I’m calling for strengthened partnership between the RDCs and our organization to ensure that we build people who have Uganda at heart through sensitization to maintain security and peace in the country,” Ms. Kigongo asserted.

The meeting was also attended by the Office of the President’s Principal Human Resource Officer, Mr. Herbert Atuheire, Mr. Swizin K. Mugyema- Commissioner In Charge of Local Council Development at the Ministry of Local Government, RDC Secretariat Officials, RDCs, RCCs, CAOs, DISOs, Town Clerks, Intelligence officers, among others.