RDC Yahaya Were Joins Race to Unseat Minister Ronald Kibuule

Tororo Deputy Resident District Commissioner Yahaya Were has joined the race for Mukono North to unseat State Water Minister Ronald Kibuule in coming general elections of 2021.

Were has been a great supporter of Kibuule in previous general elections and he has been moving in entire constituency of Mukono north rallying electorates to vote him.

His joining the race through National Resistance Movement Party its going to divide the voters during their primaries and afterwards because Were he knows most of the tricks which Kibuule has been using to win the previous elections.


Were so far has served as Deputy RDC for Mukono district then was taken to Kayunga and currently he is serving as deputy RDC Tororo district in eastern part of Uganda.

The family of Yahaya Were is well known in Mukono district and has helped to develop and construct mosques in this district which have greatly benefited the Muslim community.

Currently the race of Mukono North seat has three potential candidates who will compete in primaries of NRM who include Hon. Ronald Kibuule, Kenneth Sebagayunga and Yahaya Were.

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