Residents embrace vaccination exercise after unblocking road

By Gladys Kigozi

Residents in  Buzilanjovu Nakisunga Sub-county Mukono district have embraced the covid 19 vaccination exercise after  unblocking the road connecting to their village.

Alex Kiwanuka a resident said he has been able to access the health facility to receive the vaccine after state house officials ordered for unblocking the road towards the end of last year that was guarded by security officers.
” We are now enjoying our rights but before, we couldn’t move out of this village to access any services or get visitors after an investor claimed ownership of this land,” Kiwanuka said.
Rosemary Nansubuga said she got vaccinated the day state house officials intervened in the matter of human rights and land issues in this village and removed all the blockages that were put by the investor.
Residents say since the vaccination exercise that kicked off in March last year, non of the residents had ever been vaccinated for almost seven months until when government officials stormed the village  and ordered the security officials to vacate.
Nalufu Kotida 80, said the investor identified as Jonathan Right bought the whole village/ land 10 years back and could deny residents their rights yet he didn’t compensate all.
Emmanuel Kisule also a resident said the investor couldn’t allow them to go out and a access other services like health services.
” One day we lost a child at that investor’s  check point (entrance to the village), the security guards refused us to rush the child for medication in the presence of police officers, saying they were given orders from above not to allow anybody move out and not to allow in visitors,” Kisule said.
He said when they could report such cases to their leaders, who were always also denied access to that village, they could be beaten by security guards.
“When you could move with your items that you want to trade them, they could remove them from you, arrest you and beat you seriously,” he said.
The councillor representing this village as well as Deputy speaker Mukono district said the village has like 200 families.
He also said he couldn’t be allowed in this village but now everyone is free to move.
Back ground
Joseph Kate a Secretary of Biziranjovu said the investor bought more than 1.2 square Miles and more than 55 families had not been compensated by November last year
The LC111 chairerson Mr. Mubarak Ssekikubo said residents  missed out on various government programmes/services just because of Johnathan the investor including the Covid-19 services noting that it’s the state house team that helped to give these people a chance to get vaccinated.
” Health officials, teachers and students had been denied access to the village so as to give services to the people and also residents couldn’t go to hospitals including those who need antenatal care until they die,” he said.
Mr.Jonathan the investor said in November that he bought the land in 2006 in order to develop it, no body was evicted and state house knew that.
“I compesated 240 residents with 1.4billion. Some came to Kampala and others money was put in front of them in this village including the young boys who didn’t have parents because I wanted to be kind to the people,” Jonathan.
He said they fenced off the Bibanjas that were already paid unfortunately people encroached land and even those who had been paid returned.
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