Riotous Journalists Plots to Destroy UNAA Arrangements and Lives of Ugandans in the Diaspora

Reported by; Joseph Kamugisha, Fort Worth, TX

It has reliably been brought to the attention of the UNAA leadership, that one notable New York Based Ugandan, Remmy Bahati, a Colombia University, journalism graduate, who some time ago, converted from Islam to Christianity, has been closely working with some of the Ugandan-based newspapers to maliciously smear and eventually destroy UNAA, her leadership and Ugandans in the diaspora whose entry to the US was primarily through UNAA.

Quoting directly from one of her close associates Remmy Bahati was heard saying; “At this point, I don’t care what happens to them [UNAA leaders and the members of UNAA] They will all go down with UNAA” Vowed the angry Bahati as she promises to write a dossier about the leadership selling invitations which is false.

Similar bitter sentiments about UNAA and her leadership, have been seen making rounds on Remmy Bahati’s WhatsApp group known as “Diaspora Open Space” which she created on August 17th, 2021, Bahati’s platform is one among others which is commonly known for venting and unleashing unfounded attacks against UNAA as well as some of the organization’s members.

The mentioned platform was created after Ms Bahati, was kicked off on one of the UNAA-administered WhatsApp groups due to her constant, baseless, and hateful attacks on UNAA leaders, mainly, UNAA President Henrietta Nairuba Wamala Ssenabulya, whom Remmy, hates with passion.

It is commonly known that during UNAA election season, different rival groups instigated by their ring leaders tend to engage in whatever it takes to make their presence in the race known and affirmed, even where and when it’s not necessary or relevant.

Such has been the case with this year’s UNAA elections which will take place during the 35th UNAA anniversary convention, slated to take place on Sunday, September 3rd, 2023, at the Hotel Anatole, Dallas, TX.

In the recent past, Remmy Bahati has been seen spreading confusing information about UNAA financial records, to the point that she produced the organization’s uncoordinated and corresponding Tax reports with the Internal Revenue Service [IRS] as if that was not enough, Bahati, conspired with some irresponsible, unethical journalists in Kampala, and wrote an article intended to damage UNAA’s thirty-four reputations before her sponsors, by claiming that some of the UNAA leaders, received over $150,000 from the government of Uganda, a bogus story which could only be perceived as true by people who don’t know laws governing money laundering in the US.

Just a few days ago, the same Remmy Bahati, started her day by making phone calls to different UNAA members in her circles of influence. The calls were mainly deceptive, full of lies with the main intent of fraudulently acquiring their UNAA membership payment, with the hateful motive of publishing the fraudulently obtained receipts on her WhatsApp platform with the member’s names and residential addresses, visibly in the open.


When confronted on why she would engage in such malicious conduct, Remmy Bahati, said; Because I can and because I am protected under the freedom of speech” She added. “I must do. My job as an investigative journalist, allows me to obtain any information I want and use it accordingly.”

Upon learning about the deceptive acquisition and publication of UNAA member’s private information on her media platform, which houses about two hundred and eighty-five people, as well as on other platforms, the leadership of UNAA contacted the organization’s oversight body including the local authorities for further investigations behind the intrusion of members privacy.  UNAA has officially reported the matter to the FBI and the investigation is underway.

According to Remmy Bahati, the malicious intentions behind her desperate efforts to obtain the receipts was one step towards “Destroying UNAA and her members.”

This year’s main contenders for the UNAA presidency, include Mr. Lambert Etibot, the current UNAA executive secretary together with Mr. Patrick Ogwang, a businessman and former Director of Development with UNAA.

While Mr. Etibot, as an individual has not been known for making outrageous statements, blackmailing his opponent, or spreading divisive and sensational stories in the media, on the other hand, have on several occasions found space in various media houses with fake stories, mainly from Uganda, by Ugandan local reporters, who have been notably crafted for purposes of executing their paid missions through such publications.

To defuse any possible retaliation using media attacks, Mr Lambert Etibot recently appealed to his supporters and the UNAA fraternity at large.

“…As we draw closer to the UNAA convention and elections, I would like to encourage every member to remain respectful and civil while engaging with others in our different community platforms…,” said Lambert.   His opponent Ogwang on the other hand was heard on Radio Boston in his interview, saying Bahati’s release of member’s private information on social media is not a big deal because they are just addresses. What he forgets is that leaked information which included people’s credit cards could fall into the wrong hands of criminals such as rapists, and thieves or even worse can harm people living at those addresses.

Newspaper articles after another have been seen making rounds with not only bitter and personal attacks, not mentioning the cruel efforts of attempting to tarnish the image of UNAA as an organization, but they have equally been on the rampage of disseminating vicious and malicious falsehood, by shameless, uncouth characters whose sole intentions are based on obvious economic challenges in the country, but more regrettably, because they must serve the interests of their payroll masters, by unethically writing and distributing all manner of false accusations.

For quite some time now, the sources of funding unethical journalists from papers like “Entebbe Post”, Online blogs and now, reporters from the “Monitor’ newspapers whose journalists are lined up with hefty payments for writing more stories about UNAA and her leaders, including Ugandans in the diaspora at large.

The senseless act of continually fighting UNAA and her leadership, which has now been elevated to fighting innocent Ugandans in the diaspora who are simply trying, just like Remmy Bahati herself, is trying to make a living and attempting to make a difference in her family members’ lives back in Uganda.

It is very sad and pathetic that such a display of cold-hearted individuals would be allotted public forums from which to vent their venomous hate.

It is one thing for one to carry out “Investigative reports” But it’s another thing for one to conduct themselves when carrying out any form of investigation professionally, ethically, and credibly.