Robert Kyagulanyi (Bobi Wine Launches Universities Students People Power Pressure Group

People power movement leader Hon Robert Kyagulanyi has launched students’ pressure group that will rally students in various universities for what he called a revolution in politics of Uganda.

In an event held in Magere his home located in Wakiso district on Tuesday, Kyagulanyi endorsed about 700 student mobilizers and heads of secretariats within the student community across the country who are set to spread the gospel of regime change and transformation.

According to Joel Senyonyi People Power spokesperson, the meeting attracted 247 representatives from universities and institutions of higher learning, and the participants will act as mobilizers who will not only rally support for people power in their institutions but also recruit members in communities where they live.

He said the move is akin to what transpired many years ago that every generation must discover their mission and either fulfill it or betray it saying NRA was formed at a basisi of university students though they do not intend to take the road NRA took.

Kyagulanyi while addressing the students, he appealed to student leaders not give up and be part of history for their involvement in change the regime. Equally the students pledged their commitment to the struggle and never to relent until their objective is achieved.