Rogers Bulegeya’s eight years as NRM Youth League chairperson in Masaka


The National Resistance Movement (NRM) Youth League chairperson in Masaka City Rogers Bulegeya has been serving the youths affairs for the past eight years and his jovial support to advocate for patriotism to the serving government under President Museveni and first-family re-election is blindingly overwhelming thus far.

Bulegeya is one of the innovative and enterprising National Resistance Movement party (NRM) cadre whose political nous as well as a business merchant has transformed lives of youths in Greater Masaka Region.

In the past; Greater Masaka Region has been awash with the first son General Muhoozi Kainerugaba’s drive to rally for National Resistance Movement party and presidential re-election bid for Museveni alias Kaguta yekka under the watchful eye of Bulegeya’s brainy abilities in Greater Masaka.

Bulegeya’s voice to the voiceless among the youths to their respective developmental interests has been overwhelming.

The latter in the past; Bulegeya has transformed the voice of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) amongst the youths and the old men and women to remain relevant and supportive to long serving political party in country under President Museveni since 1986.

Altogether advocating for youths development schemes keeps him going.

Born to the late Emmanuel Bulegeya and Rebecca Nabunja of Masaka  City, Bulegeya; a born-again christian mentored by the pastoral works of pastor Mulira affiliated to Liberty Church in Masaka City is quick like a wink to showcase some of the accolades in his office he has worn in a manner of appreciating his efforts by his fellow youths and the president during his service in the area.

 “As a youths leader I have been working tirelessly for the youths in my home town and am not afraid to continue serving and lobbying for them,” starts Bulegeya as he points at a portrait of his father Emmanuel Bulegeya whom he says used to inspire him.

The father alone Bulegeya was also a human rights activist in Masaka City who was also recognized with the title; Sir by the King of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi for his services above self for the community and advocating for the human rights interests in the country.

“We have been rallying around to ensure that youths from this region are working together thereby forming SACCO’s as well as starting up their personal businesses,” added Bulegeya who has been mentored by Gen. Tumukunde, Benon Mugarura (also the owner of Zebra Hotel), Joseph Ssekasamba and Ddungu Tabula of Masaka City.

The portrait of president of the republic of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and the Buganda’s Kabaka Mutebi overtly hangs in the office.

He says both portraits means a lot to him because his late father Bulegeya used to love Kabaka Mutebi so much and being an ardent supporter of National Resistance Movement (NRM), Museveni means a lot to him too.

Bulegeya, is a politician who has worked for all the youths during his five years in service without segregating anyone despite being an NRM affiliate.

 Bulegeya  also boost with Harvad Associates an advocay law consultancy firm dealing mostly in land and social affairs.

He says managing the youths is one of the tiresome phenomena he has ever encountered but because he was born naturally to be a leader, Bulegeya has been able to walk the talk and worked for the them.

“Every months, we meet under our umbrella Masaka Youths Sacco and so far we have saved almost shs:50m,” shared Bulegeya who is also racing against time to ensure that they collect shs:shs 400 to start up a huge project for the youths in Masaka.

By the time he started off work, Bulegeya says the office was embedded with politics and it was difficult for the youth to work for themselves because more a times they were engaged in political debates, begging than working for themselves which he has changed.

“By nature am so innovative. When I looked around, politics had become the talk of the town than setting up projects for the youths. To this, I decided to differ and exerted all my efforts in lobbying for them which has brought them together,” he added.

Much as he is a politician, Bulegeya says politics is not a business because it attracts people to be beggars to the politicians than working for themselves.

“There was a general misconception about politics. Some youths believe that politicians are always there to give them money which is not correct,” he shared.

Bulegeya, 37, says during tenure as an NRM Youth chairperson, he has been denied a chance to meet president Museveni to discuss the issues that affecting youth in Greater Masaka Region but because of his zeal to worktirelessly to succeed he has been able to meet president Museveni and deliver the targeted developmental ideas for the youths in Greater Masaka.

“We are always undermined by people who are so close to Mr Museveni many a times but we’ve proved them wrong. That’s why if youths are to meet the president most of the times they hold riots and demonstrations,” he recollected.

As for the projects, Bulegeya had transfused energy in carrying out fishing at the shores of Lake Victoria in Bukakata and extending motorbikes to the youths under the support of General Muhoozi Kainerugaba but recently the army invaded them and destroyed the youths fishing project worth shs:200m in the past years.

“We faced a huge blow because that’s one of the profitable projects that would have benefited the youths but the government’s directive couldn’t allow us to continue with it,” he agonizingly shared with his eyes turning teary.

Banding on his submissions, Bulegeya is still more hopeful that they can work together with local leaders to transform the lives of youths and re-elect President Museveni again.

“It’s a tough arena. Politics needs a lot time, commitment, perseverance and money for you to exercise all the obligations,” he shared.

However, Bulegeya believes that if the ruling president Museveni himself remains at the whelm of power come 2026 general elections youths are most likely to benefit from him more than before.

“When you look at docket of Museveni, youths are mostly appreciated more than anyone. All we need is to empower us with resources and funds that can transform our lives from the president Museveni through our developmental groups as youths,” he says.

Away from politics, Bulegeya runs R&R Service Limited company dealing in manufacturing supplying different commodities.

He is also the founder of ER Harvard associates company dealing.

In addition to the youths duty, Bulegeya has also embarked on advocating for the youth rights thereby setting up Women For Better Life, a Non-Government aided organization that empowers women in Masaka Region and hopes to work with first-lady Janet Museveni for its transformation.

Among the projects, Bulegeya has been working on with women include; extending water and sanitation skills and sports which he says brings all and sundry together and credits first lady Janet Museveni for supporting the women developmental initiatives too.