Sgt. Esther Namaganda Assualted Traffic Officer Seeks Compensation of 200m sh from Gen. Kyaligonza

Sergeant Esther Namaganda, a police officer who was allegedly assaulted by Ugandan Ambassador to Burundi Rtd. Maj. General Matayo Kyaligonza has petitioned high court seeking for Shs200m as damages for the insults, injuries and embarrassment that the UPDF Major and his 2 guards subjected to her.

In her petition before the High Court, Sgt Namaganda contends that on February 24, 2019, while going by her normal duty of controlling traffic flow at Mukono-Seeta junction, a vehicle with Diplomatic number plates from Burundi approached and as she tried to stop it for making a U-turn in the middle of the road ; however 2 UPDF soldiers; CPl Peter Busindiche and private John Okurut jumped out of the same vehicle held her by the collar, slapped her and plucked buttons from her blouse which exposed her chest and caused pain in her left breast, eye and ear.

Sgt. Esther Namaganda with her lawyer at Mukono Chief magistrates court

She further explains that later the 2 bodyguards were joined by Kyaligonza to assault and throw insults at her by calling her a “stupid seargent” which she says embarrassed her before the people as the incident happened during broad daylight.

Namaganda says that she underwent various medical examinations and scan from various hospitals where she received treatment for the injuries she got at her cost and inconveniences that where all inflicted to her by Kyaligonza and his 2 guards and thus she needs to be compensated in terms of special damages.

The high court is yet to summon Gen. Kyaligonza for a response.

However, the Mukono court chief magistrate Juliet Hatanga has since issued an arrest warrant ordering police to arrest Gen. Kyaligonza and his guards on sight after the trio snubbed 3 sets of court summons.

These are wanted in court to face charges of assault accessioning bodily harm to Sgt. Namaganda and obstructing her from dispensing her lawful duties.