SPA/PA Hon. Ruth Katushabe meets Kampala student leaders, conveys Museveni’s message on corruption and patriotism

At the Kampala Capital City Students Council convention, which was held at Lubiri Secondary School Yesterday, September 29, 2023, Hon. Ruth Katushabe, Senior Presidential Advisor on Political Affairs and Translations, was the keynote speaker. She spoke to the student leaders on a variety of topics relating to patriotism and pan-Africanism under the theme “The Role of Student Leaders in the National Development and Promotion of Democracy in Uganda.”

Hon. Katushabe told the student leaders in her speech that they should put their country before all else because only we, the citizenry, will ever love Uganda. Hon. Katushabe advised student leaders to stop disseminating false information that harms the nation’s reputation because this has become the norm among young people, particularly those who are being duped by a few politicians who are just interested in themselves.

The young girls were also cautioned by the senior presidential advisor against being sluggish and believing that men should take care of them. Because a guy will always respect a lady who has money in her purse, she counselled the young women to always work to be independent. She also counselled the young females to stay away from sexual activities that may easily ruin their futures through STIs and early pregnancies.

The young leaders should stop worrying about accumulating wealth quickly, said Hon. Katushabe in addition, as this is the origin of the corruption disease that has impeded the nation’s ability to expand and flourish.

“You young ladies in particular, constantly strive hard to obtain anything for yourselves with clean hands rather than requesting assistance from men. A man will always appreciate you if you have the financial means to take care of yourself. Men prefer women who offer value to them over parasites. She stated

Her remarks are consistent with those made yesterday by Yoweri Museveni, the leader of state, who told the NRM caucus that if they want to be respected by the populace, they must fight corruption.

Lt. Col. Emmanuel Katabazi, the Deputy Director General of the Internal Security Organisation, was also a guest at the Kampala City Students Council. He emphasised the theme of pan-Africanism.

The Deputy Director of ISO informed the student leaders that foreign actors are to blame for the chaos in Africa because they recruit some of our own to carry out coups and spark rebel activities that thwart the continent’s progress.

Thus, he gave the young leaders advice to always be Africans and to never let them be manipulated by outsiders who only wanted the worst for Africa.

Young leaders, he continued, should stop referring to themselves as leaders of the future and start calling themselves leaders of today instead because they are already actively engaged in leadership.