Ssebulime’s Family Sues Minister Aidah Nantaba Over his Death

State Minister for Information Communication and Technology (ICT) Aidah Nantaba has been sued by the late Ssebulime’s family for providing wrong information to police regarding the death of Ronald Ssebulime.

Police of Naggalama found in Mukono district in March this year responded to an alert by Nantaba over a suspected assassin who was allegedly following her with an aim of shooting her dead.

In the resulting fracas, Ssebulime was shot dead by Police of Naggalama Division at Nagojje trading center but it was later found out that he was innocent as he was looking for directions to his children’s school.

Police arrested several police officers who arrested Ssebulime alive and handcuffed him but shot him dead while on handcuffs.

Now Sylvia Nakayita, a sister to the late Ssebulime through their family lawyer Muwada Nkunyingi of Muwada and Company Advocates has filed a suit accusing Nantaba of providing wrong information that led to the death of their family member.

She also wants the police officers who were involved in the murder of Ssebulime to be prosecuted.

Nakayita notes that she has tried to raise her concerns to the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) since the incident in March but no action has ever been taken.

The family also noted in their suit that the minister has shunned all Police summons to record a statement over Ssebulime’s death which complicated the case.

On 4th April this year, Nantaba declined reporting to the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) Headquarters at Kibuli, saying President Museveni confined her in the house.

Nantaba was on March 28, summoned by the CID Director Grace Akullo to record a statement regarding the death of Ronald Ssebulime, who was murdered following her panic calls to police after she alleged he was a suspected assailant.

However, in a reply to Akullo, Nantaba claimed that President Museveni has directed her to stay indoors, hence she will not make it to Kibuli.

Nantaba on the other hand advised that the department of the CID specifically interested in the matter shift to her home temporarily to enable her record her statement.

“…I am unable to report in person having been directed by His Excellency the President to confine within my premises until he himself instructs otherwise,” Nantaba claimed then.

“..such circumstances, I am constrained to travel to Kibuli CID headquarters as you requested. But you may in the meantime consider visiting my premises to record the required statement,” she added.

During a thanks giving prayers held by Nantaba in Kayunga district she demanded police to produce a phone call print out to know exactly who called police officer Sally to execute Ssebulime after his arrest.