Stop buying waragi for the youth, help them create jobs and develop themselves, Deputy RDC Mukono urged Leaders

The Deputy RDC Mukono District Mike Ssegawa had a check on ghetto youths in Joggo in Mukono Municipality last week

He was disheartened finding little and big young people almost all drunk during day time when everyone is expected to be having some work to do.

In an interview with reporters Segawa said that he equally heartbroken seeing one of the leaders in Mukono municipality offering them ugs40,000 to buy two little Jerricans of waragi as his contribution to their talent exhibition day.

“That act is not good for leaders to contribute on the immorality among youth instead of helping them out of poverty” Segawa said.

“We are trying to fish this generation out of poverty driving practices, Rehabilitation, job creation, small credit facilities can be game changers for ghetto communities instead of buying drugs and waragi for them

When they told me that they needed a lorry of wood worth ugx450,000 to support brickmakers pool earn without constraints, I could not resist but give it to them as a push to their economic empowerment” he added

“Help us do something small in your community. The rich can’t sleep when their poor neighbors aren’t sleeping peacefully. Let’s not leave anyone behind” he eluded

Mukono Municipality is one of the areas that is disturbed by drugs among the youth which has resulted in some going mentally insane  on the streets and others dying at an early age.