Stop detaining suspects in police cells beyond the legal time, Museveni issues new orders

The president of Uganda has ordered security agencies in Uganda to stop detaining people in police cells for more that 48 hours without prosecution.

Speaking to the media on December 22, 2023 at State House in Entebbe, the president of Uganda. H.E Joweri Kaguta Museveni ordered that all people who are not prosecuted should be documented indicating how the victims were arrested and not taken to court and that such documents should be taken to the responsible authorities for action.

“You can do work for the people in whatever government in power, even if you don’t support it. You use the positiveness of that government to support your people. If like in this case, you are being arrested, If I’m a Councillor or a  Member of Parliament,  I would document how the people were arrested and not taken to court, bring facts and confront the Prime Minister there- Nabbanja but with facts, not just come because some of these people may not have time to cross-check, you need to help them with facts because you want to help your people,” he said.

The President and the journalists discussed a wide range of issues on security, trade, politics, and land, among others.

President Museveni noted that as a leader, his role is to crosscheck for facts on the illegal arrests and then discipline the misbehaving parties.

“The other day there was a debate in parliament where the Minister of State for Internal Affairs Gen. Muhoozi made a statement to answer the issue of people whom they say are missing. I was not following but I came to know that these pro-opposition people,  when there’s an issue, they go to the NGOs to report to Uganda that they have arrested and made someone disappear. Okay if someone goes missing, report it to the Police station, not the NGO. That is why the information doesn’t come but if such incidents happen report to the police station, document it in the book that you reported, if action is not taken, then we shall know whom to blame,” he said while responding to a question raised by Mr Meddie Nsereko of CBS Radio regarding the issue of detentions without trial.

“So, these arrests are illegal and the way to fight them is by the people in authority but also the public should use the democratic structures they have to expose illegal arrests because that was the purpose why NRM put them up.”

H.E. President Museveni also promised to issue an Executive Order to keep UPDF soldiers out of land matters.