“Stop in-fights for Party success come 2026” ONC Urges Busoga NRM Leaders

In the run up to the forthcoming 2026 general elections, the mobilization team at the Office of the NRM National Chairman (ONC), led by Hajji Shafiq Mwanje and his deputy, George William Kalema today yet again met and held discussions with the Jinja District NRM leaders, heads of security organs, party mobilizers as part of the nationwide reconciliation efforts championed Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo Uzeiye to restore parity with the ruling party.

The team which started with the reconciliation process yesterday in Iganga, today transitioned to similar engagements in Jinja as part of the preparation for the 2026 general elections.

This reconciliation process that was launched earlier this month starting with Busoga Sub-region aims to unite NRM party leaders, boost grassroots mobilization efforts, prevent past election mistakes, and find solutions in time ahead of the the 2026 general elections.

During the meeting, Hajji Mwanje implored the leaders to work together all at levels and avoid internal conflicts which he said has given opposition a chance to take up positions and yet the NRM Party has the capacity and resources to win all the positions but internal conflicts have led to decline in party support.

Furthermore, Hajj Mwanje tasked the leaders to mobilize support for President Museveni who candidature is already confirmed noting that NRM party has already made a choice of their candidate(Museveni) therefore that should remain their focus.

Ok the other hand, the leaders tasked the ONC team to convey a message of appreciation to President Museveni for the economic empowerment to the youth, women, PWDs, the elderly, the improvement in the health sector and education in Jinja district as well as the Jinja City status.

“Jinja District was among the lucky ones in the country that managed to produce a baby called “CITY” so we now have a separate City Entity. As a result, district Headquarters moved to Kagoma in the rural area of Jinja thus securing a District Headquarters which is under construction and we secured an NRM District Office which rent is being paid by the President. We want to extend our sincere gratitude to our National Party Chairman for this endeavor” the leaders jointly said in their message that was delivered by the administrative Secretary for Jinja District/City, Mawanda Irene Kateme.

”We would like to extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation to the National Party Chairman again for the successful process of the NRM Registration Exercise where we attained over-whelming numbers” she added.

Un certainty of occupation and stay in the premises/ office of Plot 21 LUBAS RD as their concerns to the party National Chairman during the scuffle of the alleged selling exercise were not addressed. The leaders requested Hajjat Namyalo to directly present this issue to the president for urgent handling and conclusion.

The leaders also highlighted lack of facilitation to the two offices administratively where by the concerned offices work from Monday to Friday with no petty cash to cater their needs, electricity bills, poor road networks among others.

Additionally, the leaders in the district lack finances for Office cleaning and maintenance and one administrative secretary serves the two offices of the District and City due to lack of finances to put in place more human resources among other challenges.

The leaders also noted the problem of poor fishing and how the issue has been poorly handled by the security organs whom they accuse of mistreating women and men in the fishing business.

With an immediate response to the fisheries issue, on behalf of his boss Hajjat Namyalo, Hajji Mwanje received a list of leaders from the fishing community whom the ONC leadership will meet as soon as possible to have their concerns addressed by the relevant authorities.

In conclusion, the leaders commended Hajjat Namyalo for coming up with the reconciliation engagements as one of the strategies to pave way for effective mobilization for the party Chairman and other leaders intending to contest as NRM flag bearers.

Mr Kalema George William (L) and Hajj Shafiq Mwanje (R) listening to Jinja NRM Leaders on Tuesday

Despite a few incidents of insecurity in Jinja and other areas, the leaders have commended the government under the stewardship of President Museveni for promoting peace and stability across the country.

The meeting was attended by security officials including’; Jinja District DISO and his deputy, DPC-Kiira Region, ISO -Busoga Sub-region, CAO-Jinja District, NRM Chairperson-Jinja District, RDC -Jinja District, NRM Register-Jinja District, Administrative Secretary for Jinja District/City, ONC Coordinators among others.

Ahead of the upcoming 2026 general elections, Hajjat Namyalo launched the reconciliation process to provide a platform solve past conflicts and injustices with the aim of uniting NRM leaders, other stake holders and supporters for the common goal of achieving victory for Jajja Wa Bazzukulu President Museveni.