Thanks to COVID-19; How George Orwell’s Animal Farm is Actualised in the NRM 35 Years in Power

In his book “The Animal Farm, George Orwell made a prophetic prediction and appraisal of what almost non of his readers ever thought would more vividly obtain in human history more than  it is in president Museveni’s Uganda.

Led by the seemingly patriotic and compassionate pigs, animals that had been oppressed mobilized and organized successfully rebelled against their master.

The animals were happy to run their own affairs in fairness, sharing into the successes and equally shouldering together the burden of the farm together.

Napoleon however, led by lust for power, authority and comfort reneged on all the farms social contract, agreements, treaties and promises they made to each other.

He embarked on a putsch to get rid of those who wanted to tame his power.

Misery returned and again became the way of life but squealer, the chief propagandist always handy to remind the other animals that the farm had become better under the wise leadership of the comrade Napoleon without whom the farm would never survive.

At the end of it all, life at the farm had become worse than before.

This fairly tale of long ago is very much here in Uganda today and it has never been more clearly and glaringly vivid than during this Covid19 periods.

Almost 35 years ago, President Museveni over threw what they called a tyrannical, corrupt, intransigent and brutal regime of his former boss and founder of the political party which has become his open ally.

*He arrived in Kampala, the base of Uganda’s Political power with Ten point program exactly like the Seven commandment of The Animal farm in addition to the fundamental change slogan.

However what the country has witnessed in the last 35 years is a sad spectacle of naked misused of power and trust that many of his colleagues in addition to we he found here could never imagine.

This Covid19 fight has exposed even to those who were still in doubt about how the unfolding are a most clear replay of the Animal farm.

President Museveni, as lied to by his numerous Mr. Squirrel has been projected as the most patriotic, heroic and closely next to God just like himself and his supporters say and that without him this country will not survive.

The recent resolution passed by parliament declaring President Museveni the Covid19 hero was the highest demonstration of mediocracy surpassing by far what Mr. Orwell thought a system can deteriorate to

If I were Mr. Museveni, I would denounce that sarcastic motion and even institute  an investigation which would result into some arrests. Otherwise the action has really simplified President Museveni’s image and thrown his efforts into jeopardy.

Secondly is the corruption, cash Bonanza, outright looting and sharing of national resources within his ruling class. A president, who rightly described the 10bn cash Bonanza by MPs as immoral, can’t be the same one to be accused or suspected to be the one involved into another 12bn/- cash Bonanza in addition to much more as revealed by Rebecca Kadaga.

All this looting is taking place in an environment when TVs are showing poor people donating to the same officials from a government whose members are ransacking the national treasury. *What kind of government is this?*

This same government has locked us home to starve to death with our children in our houses, as their officials are going about with their private businesses.

Even the trailers importing Corona virus to the “house-arrested” Ugandans are their businesses, explaining why they can’t take drastic measures against them.

As though all these are not enough, the ministry of Foreign Affairs pulls out another deeply disappointing and annoying revelation.

Vulnerable Ugandan students have been crying to be airlifted back in the country. It’s suspected that some Ugandan students even died of hunger in countries like Algeria.

In China, very disheartening pictures were being shared showing how Ugandans were being thrown into the streets with no help, not even a word of support from their government.

Good Samaritans like Bobi Wine had offered to airlift some of our Ugandans back here. Other usual medical exercises including 14 day’s quarantine would then be done but when they are here.

Although the NRM government was not going to spent even a coin, they flatly rejected the idea.  But can afford to charter and facilitate their relatives with taxpayer’s money to return violating all kinds of the rules set. This of course indicates that people have been returning without the public knowing.

We are only lucky that this time around a whistle blower volunteered this information of which, apart from ranting nothing will be done. Their relatives will return and will be comfortable.

The collective wealth of our nation is being selectively distributed to facilitate the network of ruling family, friends and in-laws while the rest of us are starving with our children in our houses- very sad and indeed painful.

Like the chant “four legs good, two leg better” slogan we have moved from Fundamental change to No change the pakalast, and now president for life.

But some day, the hunter will be the hunted..

The Writer is Odaka Asuman an Aspiring MP, Tororo Municipality (Next Election)

WhatsApp: +256753195384


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