‘The Late Sobi’s Notorious Land Gang Resurfaces in Mukono District

Mukono district is yet to witness another trail of tragedy following the resurface of the ‘Late Sobi’s’ notorious land gang at Kiyanja, Nakisunga Sub County in Mukono District.

The gangsters headed by Tabule, Fulugencio and Ronald Ssebuwufu are part of the gang established in Mukono by Paddy Sserunjogi aka Sobi before he was lynched grabbing land at Gomba.

Prior to Sobi’s death, the gang had forcefully seized 100 acres of land belonging to the Late Musa Mwanje’s family and turned his residence a base for vandalising properties, looting items such as beds, sofa sets, and utensils worth millions in houses on the same land.

The team was hired by the family of the Late John Lule Ssebakijja which claims the contested land upon failing to convince court that indeed the land belongs to them.

When the matter appeared before court, Justice Faridah Shamilah Bukirwa Ntambi made a ruling in favour of Mwanje ordering him to repossess his estate.

In response to the situation, Ssembajjwe through Resident District Commissioner-Fatumah Nabitaka Ndibassa, took the initiative to appeal to the Minister for Lands, Housing and Urban Development-Judith Nabakooba for special intervention claiming that court had erred in its ruling.

Due to the nature of its complexity, even the minister for Lands who was petitioned to arbitrate the matter for immediate redress, threw it to the State House Anti-Corruption Unit for a fresh, thorough and impartial investigation.

Before the State House Anti-Corruption Unit finalized its report, the Late Sobi’s notorious gang resurfaced carrying pangas, sticks, bow and arrows escalating tensions among residents.

This website has established that on Sunday police managed to crack a whip on the gang arresting one of its leaders identified as Ronald Ssebwami (CRB1713 2024-Mukono CPS).

It is alleged that the current gang derives its powers from various members of the security committee who are also supported senior members of the army interested in buying the contested land.

Mwanje secured a land title of the contested land in 1960. However, according to Fulugencio Ssembajjwe, the son to the Late John Lule Ssebakijja says his father bought 20 acres from Mwanje, who had 100 acres, but the transfer forms necessary for the land transaction were not completed or signed because Ssebakijja, unfortunately, passed on prematurely before the entire process could be finalised.

To secure the 20 acres, Ssembajjwe forged an eviction court order from Jinja High Court in 2015 intended to drive the family off this disputed portion.

Disturbingly, in December 2022, as the disputes reached their peak, Ssembajjwe hired a gang led by Sobi for assistance and instead decided to claim the entire land.