The Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago Taking a Side in the KCCA Speakership Race is Wrong Judgement

I have keenly followed the goings-on in the race for Kampala speakership race and tried to talk to different stakeholders including the chief executive of the city. 
I hold a view that the Lord Mayor should not have declared interest in any of the candidates. He should have remained neutral and worked with whoever fellow councillors chose for the speaker slot.The loss of the Lord mayor preferred candidate would mean loss of grip onto the council. 
Am imagining if Kawalya Abubakar wins the speakership, it will mean; he’s more influential in council than the Lord Mayor to the extent that his will is enforceable than that of the would be chief executive.
If the race was between NRM and opposition, I would not have any problem with the Lord mayor taking sides. But in a contest where two opposition are competing, it’s a mistake to identify with one especially when councilors in the dominant force in the council already expressed their will on who is their choice.The only option left now is to enforce an alternative will to the councilors through intimidation like how I saw Hon Nandala Mafaabi doing at the unveiling of Doreen Nyanjura. The threats would do magic if Hon Mafaabi apologised or was reprimanded for attending the Museveni function and abandoned one his party had organised.The whole fracas continue to expose the leaders involved as emotional lay managers and unstrategic.
The above are my personal opinions based on my knowledge and experience in adminstrative matters.

The writer is Ssentongo Abdulnoor Kyamundu the spokesperson of Justice Forum/JEEMA party.

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