Introduction – It is imperative to tell the truth especially when everyone or the majority seem to take the contrary views. This ideal and desirable value of being honest is one of the best attributes of mankind, the Homo sapien sapien.

The difference between deception and truthfulness is that a deceptive person chooses to believe in lies because they are told by Authorities and a truthful person always believes in objective  facts.

There is always free choice in life to believe in anyone of these two extremes of deception and truthfulness.


The worst thing we must not accept is to fail to say the correct things because we fear. To overcome this demon of fear as both Holy Quran and Holy Bible observe, requires courage and at most belief in the supernatural spirit fondly referred to as Allah or God.


The outcomes of the last NRM Primaries clearly showed that the enemies of NRM party are within NRM. Who are these enemies? Can we enumerate them? Can we request that they get saved in the good name of NRM party for posterity?

  1. Enemy One.

– NRM party/Government Officials who refuse to do what is right known to them but choose to do the opposites which they clearly know are extremely wrong.

These people should be honest to themselves first and then to others. The Polling Official who accepted money to change results was a member of NRM but Opposition. The returning Officer who changed results and announced a wrong winner is a member of NRM. So, by and large, the people who bungled Primary Elections were actually NRM party members.

  1. NRM party Cadres who refuse to speak the truth for fear of retributions or not being favoured for deployment.

-Cadreship is important aspect of revolutions world over from Cuba, China, Russia etc.

The ultimate duty of Cadres is to protect the revolution ensuring its survival and longevity in power once it has captured power.

Cadres are therefore; true party diehards and indeed the much needed revolutionary guards.

Many Cadres today prefer to remain silent or even collaborate with wrong doers for just one main reason of seeking deployment or placement to speaking the truth.

It is morally reprehensible to remain silent when your duty is to do the right thing.

If deployment of Cadres should be based on their compliance with wrong elements in our party, then they should not complain when wrong things happen.

Therefore, Cadres who refuse to condemn wrong things in our party and refuse to do right things are enemy number 2 of NRM party and NRM Government.

  1. NRM party members who accept to be misused during party primaries.

The party member who accepts to be bought with money to vote for a particular Candidate is an enemy of NRM party.

Party members should be vigilant because their lack of vigilance is a direct threat to our party. At my polling station Anyafio East, I took it upon myself to ensure no stranger voted. I did this responsibly by cooperating with the two polling Officials and the the Vice Chairperson NRM for the village.

I ensured that all results were correctly filled into the DR FORMS and signed by all the agents of the Candidates present with each agent given a copy of the DR FORM.

I personally took the  polling Officials and one agent of each Candidate to the district Party Office to deliver the results.

If all each polling station had a vigilante like me, what would have happened? Would we still be having numerous stories of malpractice?

Party member that their votes are protected and the that elections are free and fair.


NRM is the best Political Party with mass numbers of supporters.

However, real enemies of both NRM party and NRM Government are within NRM but not Opposition.

Opposition in Uganda is so weak that it cannot successfully fail NRM party.

NRM party will be failed by its internal enemies. The people who abuse their authorities by propagating intrigues,sabotages, selfish Interests, Corruption, mistreatment of other party members are the real enemies of NRM.

We are only grateful that we have a good President and party Chairman. We pray that he remains in good health to continuing stearing our party forward.

May God bless Uganda! May God bless NRM Party


NRM CADRE 02/2005


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