Toddler and teenage girl abandoned after mother missing in domestic terror

TWO children are stranded in a rented room in Wakiso after their mother went missing several months ago following a series of domestic violence.

A 39 years old Mary Namuddu is said to have left her home after an alleged fight with her husband in October 2020.

The children, a boy aged 3 years and a 14-year-old teenage girl are now living on the mercy of village-mates who are feeding them. We will not name or show pictures of the children because they are minors.

It is said that one good Samaritan, a man within the neighborhood is shifting the children to his home to take over care but he has no legal authority yet the parents of the children are both unreachable.

Ms Namuddu was last seen at her home after a night fight with her husband in October. Sources have indicated that Namuddu vanished to her native home of Nakabango in Busoga – Eastern Uganda while others believe she is in Europe or the United States.

A neighbor who asked anonymity told this reporter that Ms Namuddu had lived a distressed life after habitual fights and rape episodes with her husband-Mr Nsimbi.

“She was probably beaten everyday. She often looked confused and bruised- emotionally and physically tortured. At one moment Namuddu told me she had been sold to her husband when the family sought for school fees to further her studies,” the woman said adding “Namudu told at the time she met husband he was already married with children – she was a tool in her marriage.”

It is alleged that Ms Namuddu’s husband, an alcoholic also left the home leaving the children behind at the same time the wife went away. Village Mates are planning to file papers with the local authorities in order to get guardianship for the children.

Mr. Nsimbi is accused of failing to provide medical care, bill payments, food and school fees but instead pounced on the mother in front of the children whenever such demands were fronted by Namuddu.

Nsimbi is also accused of being a jealous man who reportedly at one point attacked a Pentecostal church leader, Pr. Richard Simaga who he had accused of cohabiting Namuddu after he paid medical bills that accrued after hospitalization. Nsimbi allegedly threatened to “deter” the pastor’s future.

Nsimbi is said to be limitless on his terror. He is alleged to have extended it to the parents of his wife whom he sometimes attacked at their private house whenever Namuddu went missing from their rented room.

Another neighbour said that at one moment, Mr Nsimbi hit Namuddu with a flat iron and poured hot water on her and this led to her admission for several days at Sikyomu health centre in Bulenga.
Locals alleged that Mr Nsimbi was involved in the loss of life for the Pastor who was murdered but police investigations did not incriminate him.