Uganda coffee farmers to be imprisoned for mismanaging coffee farms: New law proposes

Uganda government fomulates a law that will force Ugandans to take good care of coffee in the country.

The coffee development director in Uganda coffee development authority, Mr. Apolo Kamugisha revealed this during the coffee show in Kayunga held at Kangulumira sub county grounds on Tuesday.

An enabling law is in parliament aimed at punishing people who mismanage their coffee gardens”

Apolo Kamugisha, a Director at UCDA told coffee farmers in Kayunga

Once passed into law, every Ugandan will be required to plant coffee and keep good harvesting and post harvesting practises.

Mr. Kamugisha also revealed that government has stopped giving out free coffee seedlings to farmers. He said that government is now moving to providing irrigation, pesticides and post harvesting management services to farmers. He advised that those who did not receive free coffee seedlings should hencefoth buy from nurseries countrywide.

Uganda is one of the countries participating on the global coffee market. The country is know for its Arabic and robust a coffee. Uganda coffee brands is loved for its unique aroma.

Some of the coffee seeds showcased during the Kayunga coffee show

Coffee is still one of the best cash crops in the country. doubling as a tourist attraction.

Meanwhile, the Kayunga district deputy RDC, Mr. Mukose Moses ordered police in the area to stop issuing police bonds to suspected coffee and cattle thieves.

“I don’t want to hear these things of order from above, am the head of security in this district and this directive must be enforced emediately” Mukose told a people who attended the coffee show.

A cross section of Kayunga district organisers of the coffee show led by the community development officer in the district Mr. Colline Kafeero

Kayunga district is a rural community in the west eastern part of Uganda. The community is known for growing pineapples and Matoke. After the introduction of Operation Wealth Creation (OWEC), local are now into massive coffee production.

Some of the features in the district is the Kalagala white water falls on River Nile, a few kilometers away from the source of the Nile