Uganda Government Should Pay Salaries of Private Schools teachers

Mukono municipality Member of Parliament Betty Nambooze Bakireke wants parliament to pass a policy which will direct Uganda government to pay salaries of private schools teachers.

According to Nambooze says that all children belong to government which must ensure that each one of them is educated that’s why it should take responsibility of paying teachers’ salaries who are even in private schools.


All teachers are teachers and all children belong to us, to Uganda and ought to be taught in the same way and at the same standard.

Even if we have private schools, there exist no Private Pupils and or students.

So I’m proposing for an honorarium for all teachers in Private schools as an ex gratia payment, a payment made by the State, to teachers in Private schools.

A teacher in a Private school should receive that payment for his or her services to this Nation. The uniform payment would be topped up by school managements.

A photo of reachers in a meeting

Nambooze posted this on her facebook page

I had a meeting with our Private teachers in Nantabulirwa Ward…majority of our schools in the Municipality are in that Ward….And from our conversation, I’m going to lobby a policy statement from my Presidential candidate to appear in our manifesto and going forward….It will be one items for which I will come up with a Private Member’s bill of government paying salaries of private schools teachers…If we win elections it will be a Government bill.

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