Uganda Political Party JEEMA Unveils Generational Leaders

The Justice Forum party commonly known as JEEMA as on Sunday 25th August 2019 unveiled people they termed as “Generational Leaders”.

The Mengo based political party through their president General who doubles as the Bugiri Municipality MP Hon. Asuman Basalirwa has said that there is need to always peacefully transfer power from one generation to the other.

 Justice Forum has had transition of Power from the old generation to the middle generation and now to the new generation, Basalirwa added.

In his speech Basalirwa told the gathering that JEEMA has always yearned for working together with all opposition forces to fight the NRM and that JEEMA has always worked with the opposition forces of change from the days of IPC to TDA and even now JEEMA is still ready to talk and resolve any opposition issue which may  let opposition not to work together, he went further and asked opposition parties and political actors to always have a common unified massage to tell the electorates. 

Basalirwa asked opposition figures to get National ID “Funa Ndaga Muntu” campaign started by the People Power Movement leader Hon. Kyagulanyi Robert Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine that that it’s majorly the first requirement for one to be nominated Presidential candidate and it’s the requirement for one to turn into a voter. The election can oust President Museveni and the NRM in power contrary to what some other politicians say noted Hon. Asuman.

The youthful unveiled generational leaders will be responsible for among other roles in their respective regions/Districts.

Basalirwa argued unveiled leaders to always stand in the values of the party shortlisted in the party acronyms JEEMA.

By Hassan Bulesa