Uganda’s Army General defends Burundi ambassodor for assaulting a traffic officer

We are high profiled guys and people are targeting targeting us.

Kasirye Gwanga

KAMPALA May 1, 2019: Maj. Gen. Kasirye Gwanga has defended his army comrade, Maj. Gen. Matayo Kyaligonza for assaulting a traffic officer last month saying he would do the same if faced with similar situations.

Kyaligonza was on February 24 reportedly had his military escorts slapped a traffic officer who stopped his vehicle when he allegedly made a u-turn in Seeta about 20km from the capital Kampala.

While appearing on a public television on Friday 1, the retired Man. Gen. Kasirye Gwanga said that high profiled people in the category of Kyaligonza should not be “stopped anyhow” as this puts their life in danger. He however blamed Kyaligonza for getting out of his vehicle saying this was even more risky. Gwanga noted that some of these traffic uniforms can be made by the street vendors to terrorists who target high profiled people on the highway.

Last month the Uganda Parliament passed a resolution to recall Kyaligonza from Burundi where he serves as Uganda’s ambassador. This act was seen as aiming to scrap off Kyaligonza’s diplomatic immunity. He however retaliated that his work in Burundi is not political but a military mission which should not easily be understood by politicians.

Kasirye Gwanga has however also echoed the same sentiment saying Uganda’s parliamentarians are just a threat to Uganda’s security.

“There is impunity in (Uganda’s) Parliament. What have they done for the country since they entered Parliament in 2016? They just want to make a show and bringing people down” Gwanga noted.

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