Uganda’s Media tipped on how to be more constructive

The media in Uganda has been tipped on how to use their media houses for constructive and developmental purposes.

During a media interactive session with Uganda’s head of state Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, the president noted that Uganda’s media is concentrating more on anti government messages instead pushing issues like regional integrations and non tariff barriers.

“Radios and other media houses should be talking about important issues like the non-tariff barriers instead of abusing Museveni because that is where your future is. The NRM advised that integration is very vital for your prosperity, but people don’t talk about it” Museveni said. He noted that if Uganda’s media is not abusing Museveni then they are talking about America.

“You should talk about livelihoods; how do you survive? Those who grow maize will buy that maize, milk and sugar. Then you will build up public opinion in East Africa which will isolate those who don’t see this, but you don’t talk about it, you talk about other things like European football.”

Regarding land reforms, the President promised that the government is working toward solving the matter.

“The good thing is that we are moving forward and at the right time, we shall deal with the issue of the land. The 1998 Land Act was very strong because it protected the bibanja and when you see people being evicted it is because they don’t know about that land act. We also have the issue of the elite not helping the ordinary people. That is part of the problem, otherwise, the existing law would protect those people,” President Museveni responded to Mr David Lumu of New Vision.

On the other hand, the President promised to issue an Executive Order to kick the Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) soldiers out of land matters.

President Museveni during an interactive meeting with Uganda’s Media at State House in Entebbe. PHOTO/ Hassan Kirunda

“We have discussed it in the cabinet, they will get out and they should not be part of land matters,” said President Museveni before revealing that the government is also ready to act on the matter of issuance of multiple land titles. Gen. Museveni informed Ms. Dorah Atwongyeire of Next Media.

On the issue of standing for Presidency in 2026, the President said they will discuss the matter at the right time.

“However, the opportunity for transition is always there every five years. But the problem is that the NRM has over performed and people keep voting it back to power,” he said while responding to a question raised by Ms. Elizabeth Kamurungi of Daily Monitor.

During the same session, Ms. Sarah Kagingo of Soft Power News raised an issue of the alleged poor roads in Kampala city but the President advised Ugandans that they should handle the issue of the

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