Uganda’s speaker, Kadaga okays miss Curvy: its not sex tourism

The speaker if Uganda’s Parliament Hon. Rebecca Kadaga has okayed the controversial Miss Curvy saying its not sex tourism.

Meeting the organisers at the Uganda Parliament on Wednesday 27th, Kadaga said she was briefed by the organisers about the competition and she is now convinced that it is not sex tourism.

“The organisers told me that it is will be discriminating against women with hips and fat bums because after all we have not been stopping competition for small women”, Kadaga revealed.

The Miss Curvy competition was launched last month by the Uganda Tourism minister Godfrey Kiwanda and it met a lot of controversy as others interpreted it to be promoting sex tourism in the country.

As Kadaga was meeting the event organisers, Uganda’s Minister for Culture and Gender, Peace Mutuzo warned the country against it. The said the event is aiming at advertising people’s curves which she says is bad and the ministry doesn’t support it.

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