USA Presidential Race, Donald Trump and Joe Biden are in Tight race

Voters choosing between President Donald Trump and former Democratic Vice President Joe Biden in the U.S. presidential election should have no difficulty distinguishing between the two men on policy questions.

The differences in the candidates’ positions on a large variety of issues – climate, taxes, trade, race relations, national security, immigration, and above all the handling of the coronavirus pandemic – are stark and provide voters with two very distinct options for the direction of the country over the coming four years.


In general, President Trump has governed as he campaigned four years ago, as a norm-busting Republican iconoclast who forges his own path. That’s true both in his relationship with other nations, where his “America First” philosophy has tested the bonds between the U.S. and longtime allies, and in domestic politics, where he has consistently pushed the boundaries of executive authority, frequently finding himself reined in by the federal judiciary.

Biden, by contrast, has campaigned on a combination of largely progressive policy positions coupled with a promise that he will return the nation to a more traditional form of politics – one less focused on Twitter and mass rallies and more on detailed policy debates and legislative deal-making.

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