We are not worried about pressure from Homosexuals, Museveni tells the west

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has called upon Ugandan to stay come and focused amidst the high pressure on Uganda to drop the Anti homosexuality Bill. This was included in his Christmas message to Ugandans which he delivered while meeting the media at state house in Entebbe on December 22rd, 2023.

“I congratulate everybody for nearly ending 2023, we are remaining with a few days. God should be praised for bringing us this far,” he said.

President Museveni said that Uganda is standing strong against the growing pressure Uganda is getting from outside countries because of the Anti-Homosexuality Act, promising that Uganda will not give in to the desires of the West.

“The pressures we are getting from outside about the homosexuality law, some of the people may be worried but I I’m not worried at all this is because this is an opportunity to clarify one point that Uganda can stand on its own and some of us are indigenous people of this area, this is our area for the last 1,000 years. We have been active here, the Europeans came for a short period and went, our communities are very strong,” he said.

“For me, I’m confident that we shall manage, and you can see our economy is growing, our inflation is one of the lowest now. And I would advise those putting us under pressure to stop because it is not good for them, we shall prove our point that African countries can stand on their own.”

He also urged Ugandans to be vigilant in dealing with the issue of terrorism most especially during this festive season.

“I want to thank H.E Felix Tshisekedi for allowing us to hunt ADF in Congo and we are doing it very well. We are going to wipe out those groups and their leaders who are in Congo who send these young people to come and die here. In the meantime, even during this festive season, I would like you to be on alert because even if the border is open; we don’t close it. I discourage the idea of roadblocks because they are blind so somebody from Congo can enter Uganda. What is crucial is the intelligence which we have.”

The meeting was also attended by the Prime Minister, Rt Hon. Robinah Nabbanja, the Minister of ICT and National Guidance, Dr Chris Baryomunsi, and the Minister of Energy and Mineral Development, Hon. Ruth Nankabirwa.

Elizabeth Koshaba Nabuma

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