“We Shall not Invest in your Cheap Politics”-NUP MPs Choking on Contributions Imposed by Party President

Members of parliament from the National Unity Platform (NUP) are protesting the suffocating and endlessly imposed contributions imposed by party president Robert Kyagulanyi, alias Bobi Wine, at his whim without previously consulting them.

The NUP MPs are concerned about the recent directive that their party president issued while touring western Uganda, ordering all MPs to contribute to Omusinga Wesley Mumbere’s homecoming celebrations.

Hon. Michael Kakembo, MP for Entebbe Municipality, was on Sunday, after a church service at Lunyo Catholic Church, heard sharing with some of his councillors, who had sought his help with the construction of the new church, that he was unable to support them at the moment as he was choking on endless contribution requirements set at whim by his principal.

“My friends, things are not okay; I love my church, but with the party’s monthly requirements, contributions to the children of our comrades they claim were killed during the elections, and now we are required to pay a whole 10 million shillings to Mumbere’s homecoming,” Kakembo said.

Kakembo noted that most of his colleagues are still struggling with loans advanced to them during elections.

“Such things will push most people to rethink their royalty since the 2026 general elections are fast approaching,” Kakembo stated.

The councillors pushed further and queried why he was not on the country tour with the team popularising his party.

Kakembo was quick to note that their empty pockets cannot work in their favour, given the fact that one has to fend for himself while on those tours.

“The tours are not being funded; I will have to foot the bills myself; our colleagues who went to western Uganda came back so broke; it is not a cheap venture, so I will wait around until it comes to my region, then join to show face; otherwise, I will be branded a rebel,” stated Kakembo.

According to Bashir Kazibwe Mbaziira, Bobi Wine is playing cheap politics by trying to woo the people of Kasese by pretending to sympathise with Mumbeere.

“When has he ever contributed or ordered MPs to contribute towards anything for the Kabaka? Even when Kabaka was sick, he was quiet. Now that he sees his votes dwindling in the West, he has started seeking cheap popularity through the Mumbeere. Bobi Wine doesn’t even contribute to these causes,” Kazibwe stated.

NUP MPs are required to pay a monthly payment to the party, monthly fees for the principal’s upkeep, and upkeep and school fees for comrades who are not around.