We shall support the President come 2026, Muslim Leaders tells ONC Manager As she delivers Ramathan Packages to Different Mosques in Wakiso

Office of the National Chairman (ONC-NRM) Kyambogo manager, Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo has today met hundreds of Imams and other muslim leaders at Masjid Sudais, Namasuba, Makindye-Ssabagabo, Wakiso district and tasked her to inform HE Yoweri Kaguta Museveni that the Muslim community orders him to bounce back on the ballot in 2026.

Businessman Muhamadi Kamoga of Kamoga Property Consultants is among the Muslims Namyalo met at Masjid Sudais. He asked the Chief Muzzukulu to request Museveni appoint a Muslim to take over the Bank of Uganda office that has been vacant for several months.

“Kindly  take our message, Muslims are in full support of President Museveni and we are ready to support him in 2026, but we request him to appoint from one of us as the new Bank of Uganda Governor, muslims are capable too,” Hajji Kamoga requested.

In her remarks, Hajjat Namyalo commended the Muslim fraternity for the love they have shown president Museveni ever since he came into leadership till date.

At the same event, Hajjat Namyalo cautioned incapable Muslims against marrying several women yet they have no capacity to facilitate their well being.

“Yes Quran permits that and no one can object to it, but still it’s not a command that you must, so when you seat and check yourself and realize you have no capacity please don’t make Allah’s people suffer, leave that woman to be taken by another man who is capable, concentrate on your one woman you can serve perfectly,” Hajjat Namyalo noted.

Development wise, Namyalo asked Muslims to wake up and jump on the poverty eradication programs brought by government especially those that have no ribah. She explained that the problem of riba is nolonger an issue since HE Museveni launched the operations of Salam Bank which strictly operates on principles of Islam.

She asked them to take lead in spreading the gospel of wealth creation and urged them to start up a saaco which she kicked off immediately with the start up capital of Ugx5 Million, which funds she said will follow it up since some may take it to just marry other women.

“Further, I ask you please to stop crying over poverty-year-in-year-out, let’s open our eyes and tap into opportunities around us, for example why don’t you start up a Saaco now and send us as your leaders to source funds for it, through this you will be able to develop and meet your life expectations because all we need is money,” Namyalo urged Muslims.

She asked Muslims to always be humble even when they are in big positions saying Allah places them there to help His poor people and so should never stop helping the needy.

Of course, Hajjat Namyalo emphasised why Muslims across the country need to raise their voices and call for Museveni’s endless leadership saying this is the only capable leader who will deliver the country from poverty.

Before she left Masjid Sudais, Namyalo equipped the Muslims with ramadan packages that included wheat flour, rice, sugar, cooking oil among others and donated same to Muslims of Namasuba and Umea Primary school mosques.

From Namasuba, Hajjat Namyalo went to her parental home in Ndejje-Entebbe Road and hosted Muslim leaders at iftar dinner.