Who is Dr. Aggrey Kiyingi the Ugandan cardiologist?

The body of exiled Ugandan cardiologist, Dr Aggrey Kiyingi who died in Australia on September 30th has finally returned home for official burial and send-off.

According to Kiyingi’s family, the remains of his body arrived at Entebbe International Airport on Sunday evening, and a memorial service in honour of the deceased will be held later today (Monday) at Namirembe Cathedral.

“After the memorial service at 2 pm at Namirembe Cathedral, Dr.Kiyingi’s body will be taken to the home of our late father, Azalia Kiyingi Ssebbowa at Busukuma, Namulonge(Wakiso district) for a funeral,” Mr Nelson Mugenyi, Kiyingi’s young brother told this publication.

The burial and final send-off of Dr Kiyingi will be tomorrow, Tuesday, October 31, at 4 pm at Busukuma Namulonge, according to Mugenyi.

Mugenyi however dismissed as untrue, claims that the Ugandan government had stopped Dr Kiyingi’s body from being returned home.

“There has been that talk( that body will not be returned) but what we know is that as the procedure is, we put in our request and the government granted it.”

About Dr Aggrey Kiyingi

After graduating from Makerere University with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery started traveling and studying widely around the world and during that period completed his specialist cardiology training in Sydney, Australia at Westmead and Concord Hospitals.

He became a consultant cardiologist in 1989 and later a consultant physician with extensive experience in tropical medicine.

He later specialized in general adult cardiology and echocardiography and his clinical interests include preventative cardiology, echocardiography, hypertension, and general medicine.

Kiyingi became popular around the early 2000s when he started dishing out cash to churches and NGOs around Kampala whenever he returned back home from Australia where he worked from.

Together with his wife the late Robinah Kiyingi, he was the proprietor of Dehezi International, a computer firm and internet service provider based in Kampala that later became popular by selling computers to schools and other organisations at subsidized fees.

Dehezi became a household name especially due to their connection with Mengo-based CBS FM that the company helped build its radio website that enabled Ugandans abroad listen to the radio online.

Kiyingi’s became more popular when he was later accused of masterminding the murder of his wife, Robinah Kiyingi, a Kampala lawyer who was gunned down at her home in Buziga.

She was killed a few weeks to the ruling in a divorce case filed by Dr.Kiyingi in Mengo chief magistrate court after accusing the wife of adultery.

Kiyingi was arrested and charged over the murder but he was later released on bail.

He was later acquitted of killing his wife.

Many years later around 2015, he was accused of masterminding the murder of Muslim clerics in the country.

He was also accused of funding ADF activities.

Nakawa Magistrates court summoned Kiyingi to appear and answer charges of terrorism and murder and the court warned that he didnt show up, an arrest warrant would be issued.

The arrest warrant was later issued against him and police threatened to have him extradited from Australia to face charges of murder, terrorism, crimes against humanity and attempted murder.

According to the state, Kiyingi had offered training, recruitment and logistical support to rebels fighting to overthrow the Uganda government.

Prosecution said Kiyingi channeled the funds through his remanded relative Aisha Nakasibante and both were accused of complicity in the assassination of prominent Muslim clerics Sheikh Abdul Muwaya and Sheikh Mustafa Bahiga.

The DPP would however later discontinue terrorism charges against Dr.Kiyingi

In 2015, Dr.Kiyingi announced plans to return to Uganda to challenge President Museveni in the 2016 general election.

He said he would return home to stand against President Museveni but he never showed up.