Why Dr. Kizza Besigye, Robert Kyagulanyi (Bobi Wine) Talks are a Joke

Some months back, I read an article in daily monitor and the observer about ongoing talks between Dr Kizza Besigye and Hon Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu about a possibility of working together to defeat Mr Museveni.I have personally worked with Dr Besigye and a group near him and came to realise that their modus of operation is always; “if it’s not us, then nobody should.” And that has failed all attempts by opposition to achieve some semblance of unity in the last two decades. 
While the Kyagulanyi group deceive themselves that they are genuinely in talks with Dr Besigye, he has released his bloggers to attack and destroy the credibility of a presidential hopeful on all social media platforms. Because I  know how they operate, I pity Hon Kyagulanyi and company for thinking that they can get any good out of the talks that group.
We have had negotiations before with the Besigye group; during the TDA and Bugiri municipality elections. Dr Besigye made concessions in both, which he never fulfilled on the pretext that his party has decided otherwise. In TDA, a group of rowdy youths withdrew him from the talks and he also accepted to be coerced into submission by the Odonga Ottos. He never even made any statement in regard to the fracas. In Bugiri, it was the same story. I remember telling our elders then that they are squeezing water from a stone as they were putting all their energies in negotiations with a group that doesn’t believe in the same. I had the last laugh.
Recently, there is a video circulating from salt media, where Dr Besigye says he was forced to contest for presidency by his party. Am trying so much to get a distinction between Dr Besigye who is forced and he merely gives in to a coersion and President Museveni whom NRM baffoons threaten to take to court if he relinquishes power and gives in to the threats. 
My honest advise to Hon Kyagulanyi and group is that; “only talk to Dr Besigye for public relations and posturing.” Don’t put your trust in a man that doesn’t make decisions for himself.
Lastly, look at the craze going on in the race for KCCA speakership.FDC councilors who declared their belief in people power and now vying for speakership Like Kawalya Abubakar and Ssegirinya are slapped with all clans and tribes of blackmail there is in this world. Know the group you are dealing with.
*Twebereremu folks*
For God and My country.
Ssentongo Abdulnoor Kyamundu.The writer is a Justice Forum/JEEMA spokesperson.