Why JEEMA did not Participate in the Anti-Corruption Walk.

Fellow Ugandans, you are all aware that today; 04-12-2019 State House anti corruption unit organised an anti-corruption walk twhich was headed by president Museveni as the chief walker. We feel the general public is being used for 2021 politics as the sitting government has no moral authority to talk about fighting corruption.*Corruption is abuse of public offices for private gain.* 
The chief walker is the most corrupt president Uganda has ever had. In 2005 and 2017, he bribed members of parliament to remove term limits and age limit from the Constitution of Uganda to allow him rule for life.
He has filled the government with his family members who are least qualified against qualified Ugandans.
He has continuously awarded the corrupt who have been censored by parliament or stopped investigations into corruption scandals like, the URA handshake, Temangalo and many others.Recently, IGG came out and pointed to the the presidency as the main roadblock to the fight against corruption.
We believe that the Museveni regime cannot fight corruption and the only way he can genuinely fight corruption is by himself retiring to Rwakitura and only a serious government after him can fight the vice.
It is also ironical that we expect the corrupt to fight corruption. How do you entrust someone who can’t live in her true identity to fight corruption. That in itself is corruption.
Lastly, we regard today’s walk as a walk of the corrupt that aims at nothing but stealing more from the tax payers. We cannot trust a regime that was yesterday beating and arresting civil society activists who were creating awarenesses against corruption to now come out as saviours.
Ssentongo Abdulnoor Kyamundu.JEEMA Spokesperson.