Will Andrew Ssenyonga Retain Mukono District Leadership-Know Your Candidate in Mukono for 2021 Elections

Andrew Ssenyonga is one of potential candidates eying the seat of Chairman LC V Mukono district in coming 2021 general elections and is struggling to stand on National Resistance Movement (NRM) ticket.

Ssenyonga is the current Mukono district chairman who succeeded Francis Lukooya Mukoome in 2016 general elections and currently he is struggling to see that he retains it in coming general elections.

Immediately after 2016 general elections Ssenyonga with his supporters stormed Mukono district headquarters and they forced Lukooya out office saying that he may perform witchcraft before handing over to him.


Andrew is a simple man believed to be a born again Christian apart from being a politician he claims to be a businessman though his businesses are not well known to majority of people in Mukono.

Achievements of Andrew Ssenyonga

  • Immediately when he assumed office he allowed a group of born again believers to carry out Friday night prayers at district headquarters.
  • He has managed to atleast to complete the first floor of Mukono district headquarters.
  • He managed to become the vice chairman central region for local government leadership.

Failures of Andrew Ssenyonga as Chairman of Mukono District

  • He has failed to complete Mukono district headquarter building as he promised during his swearing in ceremony.
  • Residents in Mukono complain of him not answering his calls at any given time.
  • Voters in Mukono say that it’s very difficult to meet him in LC V office.
  • He is very poor in time keeping at any function whether organized by his office or being invited.
  • His leadership has been full of fights and intrigues.
  • He has failed to unite his council as he promised while taking over office in 2016

That’s Andrew Ssenyonga a diehard of NRM political who is willing to contest on its ticket.

Remember the coming general campaigns may be carried out scientifically with no open campaigns due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Your vote matters for development of Mukono district and Uganda at large so on voting day make better decision in 2021 general elections.

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