Woman Accused of Fraudulent Land Transactions Defies Three Police Files Seven Court Appearances

Woman Accused of Fraudulent Land Transaction Defies Three Police Summons, Seven Court Appearances

Joyce Lutaaya, a key figure entangled in a complex land dispute on the Mbeya Island in Mukono district, has defiantly turned her back on the law, brushing aside police and court summons.

Astonishingly, she seems to enjoy a sense of impunity as she continues to navigate the legal terrain without any interruption.

Intriguingly, Lutaaya’s conflict with the law began when she was first summoned by diligent crime investigations officers, both at the Mukono Police Division and the KMP-East-Jinja Road Police Station, which serves as the Regional Police hub.

The Mukono summons were delivered by the deputy OC CID IP Catherine Amoding on August 27, 2023. At the regional level, summons were delivered by D/Sgt. Martin Ombaki physically at her boutique located at Garden City on September 9, 2023.

Sgt. Ombaki also on September 22, 2023, delivered summons to Lutaya’s lawyers’ chambers on top making direct telephone calls to her.

Joyce Lutaaya is not only defiant to police but also courts of law, despite the seven court sessions at the High Court about the duping matter, she has adamantly declined to appear.

On March 13, this year, Lady Justice Florence Nakachwa Dollo, the Deputy Resident Judge of Mukono High Court ordered George Muhangi, the legal representative of Major Mark Wanyama, who is jointly accused together with Lutaaya of a deceitful transaction to ensure that both respondents appear before the court.

“Make sure that you come with all your clients as indicated in all the applications. The court will not tolerate people who sell land to others and then disappear in circumstances when they are needed. They should be present, not on Zoom,” Justice Nakachwa ordered.

Despite adjourning the matter to May 22, 2024, still Joyce Lutaaya declined to appear. Earlier this month, Major Wanyama together with his lawyer Muhangi told the court that Lutaaya was out of the country.

However, their statements contradicted Joyce Lutaaya’s lawyer from Kaggwa and Kaggwa advocates who later told the court that his client was heedless about the summons.

The security and court summons’ intent is clear, to unravel the intricacies of a dubious land transaction orchestrated by Lutaaya on Mbeya Island.

However, Lutaaya chose to remain elusive, steadfastly refusing to cooperate with the investigation. Her reluctance to respond to these official summons has induced suspicion over her actions.

She further received a significant assurance from Wanyama, who has pledged to protect her in the event of any summons.

Wanyama has consistently attended on her behalf whenever she is summoned, which raises concerns of potential bribery involving the police, seemingly resulting in little to no action being taken.

The Director of the Criminal Investigations Department also issued a round of summons. However, once more, Lutaaya chose to disregard them, further deepening the confusion surrounding her actions.

This development appears that individuals in ordinary communities are increasingly able to act with impunity, seemingly immune to legal consequences, even when their actions clash with individuals in higher positions of authority.


Businessman Twinamasiko made payment for the seven-acre land at Mbeya Island, disbursing a total sum of Ugx70 million. This financial transaction occurred on two separate occasions, precisely on November 6 and 20, 2019.

Twinamasiko executed these payments via his Dfcu bank account, with the recipient being Lutaaya’s Nino Boutique account, held at Standard Chartered Bank.

Surprisingly, subsequent events unfolded with a disheartening twist. Lutaaya, in a distressing turn of events, allegedly entered into collusion with Major Wanyama, ultimately leading to Twinamasiko’s eviction from the land.

The motivation behind this collaboration seemed to revolve around the enticing offer of an additional Ugx5m for each acre of land transferred from Twinamasiko’s ownership to Major Wanyama’s.

Shockingly, Major Wanyama resorted to aggressive measures to secure the land. He then forcefully occupied the property, deploying armed military personnel to prevent Twinamasiko from accessing or utilizing it.

Furthermore, the senior army officer’s actions resulted in significant property damage and destruction, including injuries inflicted upon the casual workers at Twinamasiko’s farm.

Twinamasiko took proactive steps to address the issue by reporting it to the police. He filed a civil suit at Mukono High Court to seek legal resolution.

However, it is noteworthy that during these legal proceedings, it was only Wanyama who appeared before the authorities to provide a statement in response to the accusations of fraudulent land dealings.

Remarkably, despite the persistent issuance of summons and legal procedures, Joyce Lutaaya has exhibited a noticeable lack of concern.

She has shown little response to the ongoing legal proceedings, and law enforcement authorities have not taken proactive steps to visit her at her boutique.