Mukono women empowered with firefighting skills as a women’s day gift

Women in Mukono spent their women’s day celebrations on friday learning firefighting skills in an effort to prevent rampant fires that have razed a number of businesses there.

Mukono has faced a number of fires causing loss of businesses and home. Among this is the Kisumali bar and discothèque which was destroyed in a fire last year.

This exercise was presided over by Dan Ouma from Uganda police fire department of Mukono and he taught them on the various issues concerning fire outbreaks in their homes.

Still, Ouma took them through the process of using a fire extinguisher.

This happened at Kiwanga Lwanda village in Goma Division, Mukono municipality.

Among the women leaders who attended the exercise is Margret Kabazzi. She said that they targeted ladies because its them who spend most of the time at home with their children and they’ve been lacking the skills and knowledge on how to fight fire outbreaks.

Richard Lugolooba Kasirivu, Kiwanga village chairperson appreciated the initiatives taken by the leadership of women for organizing a colorful event and asked them not to forget taking care of their families and setting a good example to their children for their better future.