You are dividing Muslims: Mufti Mubajje tells his Kibuli counterparts

KAMPALA, March 3, 2019: The Mufti of Uganda, Sheik Shaban Ramadhan Mubajje has lashed out at Muslim leaders who are still opposed to the unity of Muslims in Uganda. He has described then as “selfish people and enemies of Islam”.

Mubajje revealed that government intervened in all the issues that had caused divisions within the religion adding that even the Muslim land which allegedly stolen by the faith leaders have been recovered

The Muslim community was divided into two sects causing the religion to have two leaders; the Mufti in Old Kampala and the Supreme Mufti in Kibuli. This was caused by the allegations of mismanagement of funds and property as the Kibuli sect accused its counterpart in Old Kampala of selling off the Muslim property for selfish gains.

Mufti Mubajje on a birthday party in Kayunga recently. PHOTO BY MUYINDA BRUNO

Speaking during the birthday party (Shukru) of Haji Ishak Muzingu who turned 78 years in Nsotoka, a village in Kayunga district, Sheik Mubajje wondered why there are still Muslims in Uganda who still dont fellowship with others even after issues which caused the divisions were settled.

The same unity call was echoed by the Kayunga district Khadi Sheik Haruna Matovu who also asked parents to educate their children in Islamic principles and practices alongside secular education.

“Educating our children in Islam will help then live in harmony instead of working to hurt humanity” Mubajje warned.