You Will Die In Your Own Movie; ONC Manager Exposes ‘Evil Hearted’ Ministers Planning To Fail ONC Empowerment Programs

The ONC head, Hajjat Hadijjah Namyalo has exposed a group of bad-hearted Ministers who have since resorted to malice to see her being sacked by her boss.

In a viral tweet inked last evening, Namyalo says these horrible people who pretend to be in office serving Ugandans are instead using all their time to plan on how they can fail her empowerment programs that have seen thousands of unemployed youths in various regions of the country getting start-up capital and other forms of support from the Office of the National Chairman (ONC).

”A group of shameless ministers, desperate to maintain their positions, have resorted to failing the self-empowerment program of the Bazzukulu. These mafia ministers, who hate to witness empowered Bazzukulu, have planned to parade a group of bafere beneficiaries to H.E,” tweeted Chief Muzzukulu adding; ”You had your time and failed! No amount of malice will stop us from empowering our fellow poor Bazzukulu as long as we are still alive! Now is Bazzukulu time!”

To dig deeper about the above matter, through our sources we learnt that a section of mafias are getting sleepless nights due to Namyalo’s transparent and corruption-free programs. To them, if you are appointed, you should establish a ”mafialism circle” you will eat with and start swindling all the taxpayers’ money that you land on, contrary to what Namyalo does.

”They have not started today, they have been trying all the possible games but fail, now they have launched a deadly mission to see Namyalo out of that ONC office by feeding Museveni with falsehoods. All they want is to get her out of that office then they start stealing money. But I think Museveni knows these ruthless people, that’s why he has been ignoring them and instead continued supporting his chief muzzukulu to go on with youths empowerment,” said a source on condition of anonymity.

Meanwhile, some of the bazzukulu we talked to spit venom against all enemies of ONC saying had it not been Museveni’s support through Namyalo, their future would perish.

A member from ‘Seven Hills’ group that got five welding machines for five divisions of Kampala stated that they have already started minting some good dime out of these equipment that was given to them by Namyalo.

”As i speak today, our groups are nolonger vulnerable as they used to call us before, Namyalo has made us empowered bazzukulu. We are nolonger called political beggars. So whoever comes to fight Namyalo let him/her know that we shall go bare knuckles against him. We have been crying to those people calling themselves ministers what have they given us, this Namyalo came recently and took our voices to our Jajja Museveni and as i speak now youths in Kampala, Luwero, Busoga where where are busy working. So why fight such a heavenly sent servant, to hell with all those evil-minded people fighting her,” a member of ‘Seven Hills’ fumed venom