Your Life is a Journey; To get success start counting your Milestones

By Stephen Okhutu

STOP! Worry not about COVID but start thinking about how you are going to achieve your next milestone.

Life is a journey. Do you still remember where you are going? Do you know how far you have moved? Can you tell the stage where you are now? Or you are taken by covid and its challenges?

Don’t just move otherwise the journey may be so overwhelming on you. Break it down! That’s the reason we have milestones on the highway, to breakdown the journey for you.

Imagine for example that you are walking to Mukono from Kampala during this COVID lockdown. These are 21 km. It won’t be easy for you to give up on the journey after walking a few miles. The milestones will keep you focused on the whole journey but create a spirit of perseverence in you. By the way, focus and perseverance are the key secrets of successful entrepreneurs.

It is important in business, marriage, academics, and any other project that you want to do including building a house. Just breakdown the project into small targets and celebrate each target as a success. This will help you to have a focus on small targets that you may look up to in a week, month or year instead of looking at a big thing that may take you about 5 years to achieve.

Here is my point. Your life is one whole journey. Its you to determine where you are going. Start making small steps to walk your journey. This is what I also do at 54Homes.

A milestone is a distance mark that is put along the road. In Uganda these are very common on highways. Infact some villages are now named after these milestones like Ku bbiri, kwa Asatu, etc.

What is your next milestone after COVID19?

“The fact is that you can’t hit a target that you can’t see. If you don’t know where you’re going, you will probably end up somewhere else. You have to have goals.”

Zig Ziglar

Stephen Okhutu is the CEO and Co-founder of 54HOMES. He is also the Author of “Cowards Dont Get Rich” and “Wealth Secrets that the Rich don’t want you to know” reach him at or Watsapp +256759056300