Youths don’t Focus on Money in 2021 General Elections

My message to the young people/The Youth.Greetings to you all. As we are entering  the political season, We interact with many big people in our areas i.e The ministers, members of Parliament who wants to retain their seats, The business community that come to campaign for their candidates, Senior officers who are deployed to over sea the elections and many more. The following are my humble appeal to you all the young people in Uganda.

1. Change your mindset of calling this season a season to make money and support genuinely this can market you and people gain confidence/ trust in you this can change your entire  life completely.

2. Avoid being used by people with selfish interests this can only led you in trouble and your family will be the one to suffer.

3. Politics shouldn’t make you hate your neighbor, friends,brothers,father or uncle its just a seasonal and will end in less than a year yet u need those people in your daily life


.4. Stop selling fake intelligence information to security agencies just to cause your colleagues problems when u have selfish interests. Know above us all there’s God the supervisor of our lives. U will pay for those sins that both on earth and in heaven.

5. Know that government is not an individual its a system. If ur anti- govt fine its your constitutional rights but don’t go beyond your limits and commit crimes. The sitting govt is still in power and all systems are still in operation i.e Uganda police and judiciary.

6. To the business people who wants to join politics, kindly separate business money with politics coz leadership is a service don’t expect returns like the way its in the business community.

7. Ensure that you create a network in this political season that can run your entire life using trust as your security.

8. Don’t provoke armed officers on duty this can led to loss of life your family will remain in pain and the country will move on.

9. Those standing for political offices minimise your lies as much as u can. Coz the community will demand for exactly what you promised yet u can’t fulfill your pledges. This can shorten your political career and may fail you to contest for a bigger office in the future.

10. And lastly avoid bribes that’s the only way u can demand for service delivery.

I thank you. For God and my country.
Ronnie Rwigyema F/Youth leader.