ZuriTap is a typical Ugandan product which Connects Professional Service Providers and Clients

ZURITAP APPLICATION –  This is a mobile Go OnDemandapplication that bridges and connects professional service providers and clients/customers with no booking or subscription fees i.e. providing easier access to the different service providers   via an online platform.

Different service providers provide different services such as compound cleaning, hair cutting and styling, laundry, car washing, plumbing, electrical engineering, massages , home utilities, road assistance, pest control services, TV mounting, trash removal, event renting, IT services, septic emptier, water truckers, building materials, mobile notary, mobile mechanics, tutoring, security guard services, DJ services,  home cleaning, tool renting, breakdown services, TV packages, home painting, catering services, carpentry services, metal fabrication services, translation services, insurance agents, brokers, photography, tour guiding services you name it.

Brief history about the ZURITAP application

ZuriTap is a typical Ugandan product that started and launched in the USA Austin, Texas by the Founder and CEO  Mr IVAN KATUMBA  a Ugandan IT and Tech expert who has worked for reputable companies like Google and Microsoft. ZuriTap was launched scientifically in Uganda due to the covid19 on September, 1st 2020 . ZuriTap offices are currently located in Ntinda at Najim Mall Level 3. RoomCT.

How does the app work?

Basically, the ZuriTap application is comprised of 2 Apps the service provider App and client App. The service provider application is identified ZuriTap PRO as the red one and the customers app is ZuriTap seen as the blue one.

The Clients/Customers download the ZuriTap App (blue) from Google play store or iPhone App store and they start booking services from the listed service providers online or just schedule appointments on how, when and where they want professional services performed on demand. Our clients and customers have the right to choose a service provider of their choice to deliver the specific services required on demand anywhere any time.  Our Technology will present the customers with the closest and highly rated providers in a specified service category to choose from.

The service providers also follow the same procedure but download the ZuriTap PRO (red).For the case of service providers, they have to be verified and be approved by the administration. Sofar, we have registered, over 600 service providers on the App, but have verified over 300 out of the 600 professionals. This is because when we verify and certify our service provider so that they give a guaranteed service to our customers.

Before Activating then we also train them on how the treat our wonderful customers,then we Train then on how they make themselves Available for Work by going ONLINE and OFFLINE if they want to take some time off from work. The training  that we give our service providers is not to educate or teach our service providers  what to do but we fine tune them and support them on how to work mobile using our App, how to treat  our clients and customers as they provide professional services. We pride in providing professional services with reliability, honesty and integrity as we become Africa’s Number one service Hub and a Must Have App on every Ugandan’s smart phone. So, we urge all verified professional service providers to always Go onlinetobe reached by customers who want to pay for their professional services. It’s a process to make sure that everyone we registered gets verified and we urge those whose accounts haven’t been verified to reach out to us through our different platforms and visit our offices to get verified.

Businesses and individuals that operate under their own Company can also register their companies on ZuriTap via our website www.zuritap.com and register their staff under their company account.

At ZuriTap, we follow a service from Request to Job completion and verify our service providers as well as our customers get a satisfactory service at the end of the Job.

Advantages of using ZuriTap application

  • ZuriTap is the only application that makes calls and sends texts without the need of spending on airtime
  • ZuriTap enables professional service providers to competitively set their own prices for the services that they offer via the App.
  • We also offer Cashless transactions by enabling the customers with the Ability to pay with Mobile Money (Airtel, MTN,Safaricom, MPesa) and the rest.

  • ZuriTap also offers clients and service providers a safe WALLET system that enables clients to safely top up from their Mobile money or any bank and get to request any services from a range of listed service providers on the App put in mind the clients who request SERVICES get discounts on the services prices by using WELCOME as discount coupon code as they request professional services on demand.

In order to enable a smooth cash transaction, the providers are given are mandatedto top up their wallets with a minimum of UGX 10,000 from which platform fees are offset.

  • ZuriTap has the most trusted payment system as we support a wide range of payment methods including mobile money, Banks and Cash, this is to make sure that customers can seamlessly order and book services on the ZuriTap App.
  • Registering on ZuriTap is free for the providers and clients and the App is available on Google play store and iPhone App store or for both the ZuriTap Pro (Red) that enables service providers register their services, validate their identity, set their availability/schedule/time of work, set service prices and get paid for the services they perform on demand through the Red ZuriTap Pro App.
  • ZuriTap is a smart phone app that requires internet to operate but it’s been optimized to not only use less Data but also limit it usage while the provider is ONLINE.
  • As we are on top of monitoring of process, we also make sure the client/Customers through the App deal independently without our interference. The customer will communicate to a professional service provider through Call or texts in the App, both will determine exact locations through the App, and both can track movements and progress of the service requested or performed using the App.

For more information or any inquiries, you can visit the website www.zuritap.com or contact us on our office lines +256393193959 or +256754337475.

OR you can follow us on our different social media platforms. #@ZuritapMobileUganda on Facebook/twitter and Instagram.

Remember your services are just a tap away

Composed by ZuriTap Managment;

Allan and Donatella

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