Pope Francis Calls on World to Share Vaccines in Face of Pandemic

ROME – Pope Francis has called on the world’s nations to share COVID-19 vaccines, saying that walls of nationalism must not be built in the face of a pandemic that…

19th June is World Sickle Cell day; DO YOU KNOW YOUR GENOTYPE??

Two days ago, as i was winding up my day, getting ready to cover up myself to slope into the slumber land Suddenly it triggered, the monster checked in, I wonder…

Color discrimination protest killed 10 people

Color discrimination strike on US

Trump says we can’t provide donation anymore

Political restructure after pandemic

Masks rumors and fact check

Air pollution case breathing problem

Top Business Empires

Ugandan Journalists decries poor pay As the World Celebrates World Press Freedom Day

The world today marked World Press Freedom Day Uganda inclusive which still the media facing a lot of challenges characterized with poor pay or no pay by owner of media…