Museveni in Kalangala; Oil Palm Growers gets Ugx 50 billion from Stanbic Bank to boost the production of Palm Oil


President Museveni closed his Greater Masaka Sub-regional tour with a public rally at Kibanga primary school playground in Kalangala district.

Being hard-to-reach areas, the President decided to accord a special treat to Kalangala district with a public rally to interact with the common people.

He said to be pleased with the positive strides taken by the people of Kalangala district to fight poverty. “My efforts to eradicate poverty was not in vain” – Stated President Museveni.

The President revealed to have been impressed by Ms. Tabitha who owns a palm tree farm on 4 acres and reaps returns of Ugx 29m a year which has strongly transformed her life.

He advised the farmers to embrace dairy farming because cow dung contributed 30% of fertilizers for the palm gardens while adding income from milk and other cow-related products.

He however expressed his disappointment in the people of Kyamuswa sub-county who refused to donate land to investors for palm oil farming and decided to keep in poverty, unlike other sub-counties that embraced the activity. That the investors later relocated to Nigeria and are seriously impacting lives there.

He attached the soap scarcity experienced during the Covid19 era to have been a result of the refusal to allow investors to increase palm oil production to be able to have enough products that could cover the gap of the deflated imports of soap products from Indonesia during that time.

The National Platform Unity Platform LCV Chairperson for Kalangala district Mr. Ssemakula Rajab congratulated the President for winning the 2021 elections and asked him to support them as a district to address challenges that are still holding a percentage of them in poverty.

To differ from the other NUP leaders who define it as taboo to engage with the President, Rajab said that he was appointed to serve the people and no one will stop him from engaging the President for the good of his people.

Kalangala Oil Palm Growers Trust was supported with Fifty billion one hundred ninety-five million shillings (Ugx 50, 195, 000,000) to support its members in scaling up the production of Palm Oil.

In response to the LCV chairperson’s call, the President promised to identify trucks that can work well on the Island and support each sub-county with a truck.

The leaders requested to have a special engagement with the President to elaborate to him the reasons that affected the performance of NRM in the 2021 elections.

Reported by; ONC Online Media